Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June Technique Classes

Hi Everyone!
The last month has been soooo busy with workshops, classes and that other thing I have to do every week....... work! So sorry for being very slow in getting around to posting on here.
However I am off to a great start this month as I already have a sample made of one of the techniques I am going to teach in my Technique classes this month! The three techniques we will do this month are :- Emboss resist / Emerging Colour; Faux Shaving Cream; and Flooding Using Reinkers.
The card on the left is a sample of Emboss Resist/Emerging Colour. We will do this card or another design in the class.
Classes are held in my home in Mt. Waverley and cost $15 To make 3 cards and 3 technique cards.
This months classes will be held on Thursday June 25 at 7.30pm and Saturday June 27 at 1.30pm. Please email me if you would like to book in - limit of 8 per class.
I am in the process of doing other samples and will post them when they are done.
Have a lovely day. From Janine.

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