Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 3 Incentive Trip

Day 3

After an early morning walk (to walk off the scrummy buffet breakfast!) and collecting our hire car Nick had a free morning while I indulged in swapping and stamping!

We commenced with doing our swaps and you should see all the lovely swaps I received! So many ideas! I'll post a pic later in my updates.
The photos show the swap session in full swing.
Then Shelli wanted a group demo shot as this was the only time we would be together as just the demonstrators. Poor Stirling, Angie, Karen and Janiel had a huge task of making sure everyone's camera had a shot taken on it!

Next is me with fellow Victorian demonstrators Kelli Bowen and Karen Woods. It was great spending some time with them and catching up on all their news. We have done a few shows together and they are lovely.
This is our make and take table group - Karen, Kelly, Robyn Lawton, Kim Gavarra and Liz Collett. It was so nice to meet and get to know them better. Now I know what Kim means about "farming" in her emails!!!

After we had finished our make and takes - sorry but they are a surprise for when the next Mini catalogue is due out we indulged in MORE icecream!
Shelli and Stirling very nicely consented to have their photo taken with me. One of the highlights of the trip was having chats with them and doing the activities together. Shelli did the make and take (something she can't do in the US IT's as she just gets mobbed) and she said it was so nice to join in with us. Stirling made use of his free time by relaxing and reading the paper as we all chatted and created non stop!!!!!

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