Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 4 Incentive Trip

Day 4

Our final full day in Noosa, so we had to pack a lot in, this will be along post so get ready!!!Some of the demos along with Shelli, Stirling, Aaron and American Dave decided they could manage a 6.30am departure and arranged a day trip to Fraser Island. Already having a car Nick and I were keen to go and check out the Eumundi Markets - anyone who had been to Noosa before had told me we had to go and see it.

So we rose early too and after another scrummy buffet brekkie (Curves workouts here I come!) we headed off to Eumundi.

We were amazed at the range and products for sale. Nick who can not stand trailing around markets - way down on his list of pleasurable pursuits! managed 3 hours there and enjoyed it to boot!!!! We bought quite a few momentoes to remind us of our wonderful holiday and I could have spent WAY,WAY more! The clothes were gorgeous, very suited to Queensland climes but would only get an occasional airing in Melbourne!!!!!!

As we had the car we had planned to go further into the hinterland but as we had a 4.30pm deadline to meet (our big farewell mystery dinner) decided an afternoon back in Noosa would be better and more relaxing.
So lunch on our room balcony finishing off our picnic lunch from yesterday - how's that for value! A few glasses of champers to top it off and it was very peaceful. Beautiful day 30degrees C! The weather was really turned on for us as Noosa is meant to be a lot cooler in August - so how lucky were we! Did cast a thought to anyone back in cooler climes and then sat back and enjoyed the sun a bit more!!!

A final spin in the car took us down to Noosa Woods and out to the river entrance and then we went up to the Noosa Lookout to get another perspective of the area. It was so good to have the freedom to get out and about. Neither of us are lay by the pool types and there was no way this body was going to be shown off in bathers - as I told the girls at our dinner that night I was sure the elastic would have perished on my bathers when I went to pack them as it is so long since they'd seen the light of day!!!

Bonus spin day on the wheel today saw me net a pair of snips, new brads from the current mini and a pack of freshcuts notes. the boys even got a spin but only received goodies if they landed on red - bad luck Nick!

Now our evening event had been kept a closely guarded secret by Angie and Janiel along with SU Incentive Trip tradition. So at 4.30pm we all met downstairs eager to find out what the evening held for us! Despite super sleuthing by several demos we all ended up getting it very wrong! The clue had been " a journey back in time" and make sure you had something warm to wear for later as it may get a bit chilly.

Well we boarded the biggest coach bus I have ever seen and set off north. That cut out a couple of options but made a few others more likely. At Coolaroy we rounded the corner and there was a gasp of surprise and cheers as we saw lined up by the side of the road these amazing vintage cars! They were for our trip back in time to our dinner destination - how cool!!!! Janiel had sourced cars from all up and down the coast just for us!

We squeezed ourselves in the back - well I had to as I was with the blokes and we headed off to "The Plantation". Our car was a 1957 British Bristol. The boys were in their element asking questions of our lovely chauffeur.

On arrival we drove up in convoy along the tealight lit driveway - another Janiel touch! We were greeted with drinks and had time to check out the lovely cars.

Sorry more flower shots but I adore flowers! As for photos of food on this trip - everyone was taking shots for their blogs! Speaking of food - check out the apples in the arrangements! Here we are by the main door of this beautiful home/guest house. It had 8 bedrooms all beautifully appointed, 3 lounge areas, pool and meeting areas.

We walked out the back and we were amazed at the setup for our evening dinner - just gorgeous. Along with this we also had an astonomer with his massive telescopes to show us the night sky!

Dinner was scrumptious and it was so nice to relax and chat and enjoy the lovely setting. Also on each of the setting for each demo was a cream shawl with a cute SU tag, just in case we got cold - how thoughtful!
We had a group shot done in front of the cars by a professional photographer hired by the venue for their publicity brochures - so hope we can get a copy.

Shelli made a farewell speech - sad to think a lovely time was coming to an end.......

All too soon, it was time to get back on the coach but not before we had the bus driver dim the coach headlights as we headed down the amazingly tealigt lit long driveway - it was beautiful in the dark. Once back at the hotel drinks in the bar followed as we were not keen for the evening to end. Drinks were accompanied by the Kiwis staying at the hotel doing the Hakka to celebrate NZ 's win in the rugby! Wish I had the photo Liz took of Nick and her hubby Marcus!!! We really enjoyed their company during the trip - got very deja-vu at one stage as we realised how many similarities there was in Nick, Liz and Marcus's pasts!
On arriving back in our rooms ANOTHER wonderful surprise gift! We had all wondered how we were going to get all our lovely boxes home - forgot to mention we all also received Forget-Me-Not keepers for our swaps, and here was the solution on our bed. Isn't it gorgeous! It even has the SU logo printed on it.

Along with the bag on the table was a final mini red hat box with cookies and milk for our bedtime snack!!!

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