Sunday, August 23, 2009

Incentive Trip Day 2

Day 2
Today we all boarded a ferry to take us to Ricky's Restaurant, a very well known eating establishment in Noosa apparently. this is a view of the Sheraton Noosa from the ferry. Note another lovely day in paradise!

When we arrived we were each given a set of cutlery wrapped in Stampin'Up! In Colour ribbon and that was your team. Nick and I were in Pink Pirouette along with Shelli and Stirling Gardiner, Kerri and Geoff Hunter, Marelle and David Taylor.
Our chef for the day was Sam and his challenge was to show us how to make Creme Brulee tarts from scratch. Each team was making part of our lunch, so we all had to don plastic gloves and get right into it.

We had to make the custard, the pastry and roll it out and cut it and fit it into the tart moulds. Then with some tarts prepared earlier the sugar had to be sprinkled on top and "burnt" with a gas gun. Talk about boys with toys the fellas were right onto it and as you can see an interesting result!!!!! But boy they tasted superb!!! We ran out of gas so the remaining custard and tarts became lemon meringue tarts and they were scrumlicious!!!!!

After all our hard work we all sat down and enjoyed an absolute feast of food! We had 3 different appetisers, wild mushroom gnocchi and duck ravioli for mains followed by our tarts and chocolate truffles on the ferry back to the hotel.

Here I am at our table with Marelle, Robyn and Sharon. Note the flowers again!

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