Monday, August 24, 2009

Incentive Trip

So there you have it all in a nutshell! If you ever get the opportunity to be close to acheiving the Incentive Trip my advice would be work you darnedest and go for it - it is all so worth the effort.

Our last morning saw us trying to fit everything into our bags and then be able to lift them!!!

One last buffet brekkie - they make the best pancakes there! Ate up as our flight was due to leave at lunchtime and just as well as the airline ran out of food to sell - some very hungry and unhappy holiday makers as a result!
Lots of goodbyes - I avoid these as I always end up crying but managed to hold it together for a farewell photo with Angie and Janiel. Their efforts were fantastic to make this a holiday to remember!!!! Thankyou Girls!!!!!
Arrived at Maroochydore Airport to find the Sydneysiders still waiting for their flight - delayed by 90 mins. We spent ages in queues to check in then had to go straight to security so as to get our flight so no time to buy any food - hence the problem on the plane. Fancy running out of food for a two and a half hour flight. At least nothing to go "green" with as we hit bad turbulence as we came back into Melbourne. I must say I was very thankful when we touched the ground!!!
Home to the housework and life in the suburbs again - but plenty of great memories and new friendships to cherish. Thankyou Stampin'Up! for a wonderful experience!

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